Who is COOL?

Founding Steering Committee

Richard Anthony, Richard Anthony Associates

Linda Christopher, GRRN

Rich Flammer, Hidden Resources

Nora Goldstein, BioCycle

Eric Lombardi, Eco-Cycle

Project Founders

GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN)
GRRN has a vision of the world where waste is not waste – it is a resource. We are the voice of all those who recycle and want to waste less and do more. GRRN is the leading voice calling for Zero Waste (ZW) in the United States by promoting the message that we must go “beyond recycling” and go upstream to the headwaters of the waste stream which is the industrial designer’s desk. ZW means not only 100% recovery of society’s discards, but also a redesign of the products and packaging of our lives such that everything produced for our consumer economy is non-toxic and designed to be recovered for re-use, recycling or composting.

GRRN is a national network of waste reduction activists and recycling professionals. We set ambitious standards for Zero Waste goals and policies. We provide opportunities for on-going meaningful participation in campaigns and build coalitions to achieve zero waste policies, businesses and communities. We have a valuable website and an active listserv of over 900 knowledgeable experts in both downstream recovery and upstream clean production issues.

For more information contact:
GRRN | PO Box 282 | Cotati, CA 94931 | www.grrn.org

Published since 1960, BioCycle is America’s foremost magazine on composting and organics recycling. BioCycle shows you how to turn organic residuals —yard trimmings, source separated municipal solid waste (MSW), food residuals, woody materials, biosolids, manure and other feedstocks into value-added products.

Every issue introduces you to the management teams behind state-of-the-art composting, recycling and anaerobic digestion facilities. Articles are filled with details on starting, operating and maintaining facilities designed to manage organic wastes that traditionally have been disposed of in landfills. Plus, you’ll get the latest recycling and compost statistics from BioCycle’s “State of Garbage in America” report, as well as annual composting facility surveys. And you’ll learn about systems that sort trash into recyclables, compostables and residuals … New waste management solutions for cities, industries, institutions and farms … Equipment recommended for most efficient operations … Utilization of compost and other processed organics to build healthy soils … Odor control techniques and so much more.
Readers rely on BioCycle to connect them to the people … the companies … the facilities … the research findings that comprise the boundless world of composting, renewable energy, soil and water management, bioremediation, erosion control and more. Join your colleagues today as a subscriber to BioCycle.

For more information contact:
The JG Press, Inc. | 419 State Avenue | Emmaus PA, 18049 | www.jgpress.com/biocycle.htm


Founded in 1976, Eco-Cycle is one of the largest non-profit recyclers in the USA and has an international reputation as a pioneer and innovator in resource conservation. We believe in individual and community action to transform society’s throw-away ethic into environmentally-friendly stewardship. Our mission is to provide publicly-accountable recycling, conservation and education services, and to identify, explore and demonstrate the emerging frontiers of sustainable resource management.

For more information contact:
Eco-Cycle | P.O. Box 19006 | Boulder, CO 80308 | www.ecocycle.org

Super COOL Sponsors

WhiteWave Foods
A dynamic subsidiary of Dean Foods Company, WhiteWave Foods Company specializes in dairy and dairy alternatives in the grocery and natural foods channels. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, WhiteWave Foods is a leader in corporate citizenship — manufacturing innovative, authentic and nutritious branded food products through socially and environmentally responsible practices.
Our mission is to provide you the greatest variety of environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable products at the best possible prices. The recycle emblem of three concentric arrows signifies, 1) material collection, 2) re-manufacturing, and 3) remarketing. It is in the remarket niche that Eco-Products seeks to make a difference, helping to “close-the-loop” by marketing recycled and other environmental products.
CRRA Logo California Resource Recovery Association
California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling, pollution prevention, and composting. The CRRA works to expand markets for recycled materials, promotes sustainable materials policies and is a clearinghouse for information, innovation, and industry and governmental initiatives. Non-profits, waste haulers, recyclers, state, federal and local government, recycled product manufacturers and many others come together under the CRRA umbrella.